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back to iceland say this in the email to them hes incredibly unhappy in captivity he also has deep depression he was captured in 1983 when he was 2 years old in Breiðafjörðu iceland we know now orcas don’t belong in captivity if you have seen the movie blackfish watch it if you have not it shows how orcas don’t belong in captivity and Tilikum is the main focus is the orca Tilikum billions of people all over the world have seen blackfish and want to see Tilikum go back to Breiðafjörðu iceland and want him to stay in a seapen for life by his family/pod so im asking very nicely to bring Tilikum back to Breiðafjörðu iceland make a seapen for him and work incredibly hard and endlessly to find his family/pod if you don’t find them send Tilikum to the seapen anyway with other wild orcas Tilikum can not be set free due to his lack of teeth but he still can be givein fish in the seapen from humans and vets there to help him if hes sick you made a seapen for keiko the star of free willy when he came back to iceland so do it for Tilikum Tilikum is the most abused out of all captive orcas so please tell seaworld you want Tilikum back you have the power to do it push seaworld until they agree to give Tilikum back billions of people all over the world will be thrilled if you bring Tilikum back to Breiðafjörðu iceland and Tilikum will be the most thrilled of all once hes sent to a seapen so im asking very nicely please do this there emall is here<>; there site is here tell everyone about this online or in real life and ask then to do it


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TINRO, the influential Pacific Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography based in Vladivostok, has recommended a quota of 10 orcas allowed to be captured in 2014. Full details here:… THEY HAVE ALREADY CAPTURED 8 SO FAR we dont want orca captures to be populer again please share this around everywhere online in real life even if you dont know the person and please tell people to translate this into other languages tell people of all ages as well please sign this petition… please share this petition around everywhere as well online in real life even if you dont know the person and please tell people to translate this into other languages tell people of all ages as well
hi everyone i love orcas i thank they shoud be free anti captivity account on this account i will prove to you why captivity is evil and why orcas and other animals shoud be free

100 reasons why captivity is evil
1 orcas live much longer out is the wild true fact
2 orcas are much nicer to people out in the wild
3 orcas are much happier out in the wild
4 orcas never attack people in the wild
5 seaworld and others treat orcas very terribly
6 the tanks are to small for the orcas
7 seaworld does not care about the orcas or otheranimals
8 they also dont care about the people who come there
9 they say they do and make it seem that way but they dont look deep and you will see its true actions speak louder than words
10 they interbreed orcas thats so sick
11 there interbreeding orcas kills orcas all over not saves them
12 orcas have to be with there families
13 orcas are forced to perform tricks and they dispise it
14 orcas are healthier in the wild
15 orcas have to be with other orcas no matter what they can never be alone
16 seaworld drills orcas teeth how evil is that
17 orcas are way more social in the wild to people and animals
18 orcas are more fun in the wild
19 its free to see them in the wild
20 orcas are more smarter in the wild
21 orcas are more mature in the wild
22 orcas never live that long in captivity a lot of the times they die in there teen years
23 orcas die terribly in captivity
24 orcas are not normal in captivity
25 orcas cry for there families everyday in captivity
26 orcas are never happy in captivity
27 orcas are mostly always happy in the wild
28 orcas need a lot of space they dont in captivity
29 its so swet so see orcas with there families
30 orcas are mostly not starving in the wild
31 in captivity thay have to earn there food by doing being forced to do tricks the right way if not they get little to no food
32 seaworld hybrids orcas you cant do that
33 seaworld and other marine parks are killing orcas makeing them endangered
34 seaworld and other marie parks lie about orcas and other animals look deep its true
35 orcas are always petrified in captivity if not then there always scared
36 orcas never sleep that well in captivity
37 there families are never happy that there orca was taken away from them and cry everyday for them
38 orcas and there familes will never be happy until there back togther
39 orcas and there familes never forget eachother no matter how young the orcas are and how many years its true look deep
40 orcas love there familes more then anything
41 there familes never sleep well knowing there orca was taken away
42 seaworld likes to make orcas sad all the time
43 orcas never leave there familes
44 seaworld and other marine parks will do anything to get wild orcas and keep the ones they have its ture look deep
45 orcas mature faster in the wild
46 seaworld and others dont care if orcas or other animals die
47 they enjoy it when they die
48 and they enjpy takeing orcas from there familes
49 they like to make orcas and other animals suffer
50 they will never regert it
more reasons will be comeing soon the more you buy tickets to see there shows and there other products the longer they will stay if you stop going to see them and dont give them money they will be forced to close down and the orcas and the other animals will be free so please tell everyone online or in real life friend or stranger not to buy a ticket or anyother product from marine parks oh if you speak more then english tell people in other languages about this thank you the world is not just for humans its for other animals as well humans are animals to i despise when humans say there not animals and thank they can do what ever we want we are the reason why many animals are endangered or near it we are the reason why many animals are extinct we are the reasons why many animals have threats or near it we shoud stop destroying stop going on boats all the time cetaceans are very sensetive to noise reducing pollution for the most part stop adding thrash to the land where animals are animals homes marine parks circuses captivity unless its to save them homes food animal testing hunting fishing whaleing shark finning and killing animals for food just cause it tastes good only eat animals if you have no other choice people say if we are animals then we shoud kill other animals for food to other animals do that all the time well these animals have no choice they cant eat plants fruits etc we can where eating meat by choice we mostly eat meat because it tastes good not because we need to live and before you say god said we can eat meat well i have proof he said to eat fruits nuts etc it will be at the end of this rant and before you say if we stop eating meat the animals will still die it most stop people from killing them well the people who kill the animals get money for people buying them the more people buy them the longer they will keep killing then animals whats the point of killing them if you wont get any money it may not stop them from killing the animals entirely but it will for the most part and slowly it may stop for good and many plants are endangred or near it once again this is humans doing this to the plants to we shoud stop polluting the waters land or sky i know many people are going to hate me for this but i dont care i dont mean harm but i hope you see one day im right on all of this and it was the right thing to say proof god said to eat non meat stuff

He that killeth an ox is as he that slayeth a man." - Isaiah 66:3

"And I, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you; and with every living creature that is with you, the birds, the cattle, and every beast of the earth with you. Of all that go out of the ark, even every beast of the earth. And I will establish my covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of the flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth." - Genesis 9:9-11

"For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. " - Ecclesiastes 3:19

you people say i made this up look up this stuff you will see im 100% right there is a lot more food we can eat then just meat

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